Cyprus permanent residency

Cyprus has opened doors to international individuals who are interested in acquiring a permanent residence permit to reside on the island without the need of renewal. The program is mainly aimed at non-European nationals and is one of the most preferred programs within Europe due to the, fast procedure and simple requirements.
The main condition is the purchase of a brand new property with a cost of at least 300,000 Euro (excluding VAT). In addition, 30,000 Euro annual income arriving from abroad must be secured.
The mentioned sum increases by 5,000 Euro annually for every dependent child under the age of 28. Moreover, the Permanent Residence Permit program allows for the issuing of additional permits for the spouse and parents of the applicant. An additional annual cost of 8,000 Euro must be transferred into a Cyprus bank from abroad for each parent every year.

Application conditions

– Real estate property purchase of at least 300,000 Euro (excluding VAT).
– Applicant is not permitted to work in Cyprus and must secure substantial income throughout the whole period planned to reside in Cyprus.
– Annual income of 30,000 Euro transferred in a Cyprus bank from abroad.
– Additional 5,000 Euro for every dependent child and 8,000 EURO for each parent.

Benefits of choosing the PRP program

– Permanent residency is issued within 2 to 3 months after submitting an application. ( One of the fastest residency programs in Europe).
– Lifelong validity without renewal requirements.
– Permit may be issued to spouse, children and applicants parents.
– No requirements to reside in Cyprus either before, during or after the application process.

Why reside in Cyprus?

– Low crime rate
– Sunny Mediterranean weather all throughout the year
– Excellent education system in English and Greek
– Fully integrated communication availability and convenient access to all other countries
– Lowest taxation system in Europe
– Integrated health care system
– Rich culture and heritage
– Excellent quality of life
– Investment opportunities


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