About Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest Mediterranean island, after Sicily and Sardinia. The island is situated on the northeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea and is located 71km from Turkey, 105 km from Syria and about 800 km from the Greek islands. Cyprus is strategically placed at the intersection of 3 continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.  The islands total area is 9,250 km and the total length of the coast line is 648 km.

Cyprus enjoys warm and dry weather the majority of the year, with a mild winter season and many days of sunshine. The island provides a vast variety of activities that include Blue flag beaches and rocky mountain hills of mountain Troodos distanced about 30 minutes from the coast line.

Cyprus has a rich history dating back to 4000 BC with countless historical monuments, medieval castles, Greek artifacts and Roman mosaic to explore. The islands unique landscape also provides adventurous experiences that may take you through cosmopolitan city spots as well as, little villages hidden around the island, which carry traditions and ancient stories.
The sunny island is home to welcoming people, who have greeted numerous passengers though out the ages which has led to the great adaptability of the islands population. Locals are friendly and more than willing to share island insights. The total population amounts up to 1,153,058 million inhabitants and the capital city is Nicosia, also known as Lefkosia.

Furthermore, the city of Paphos located on the southwest part of the island known for its historical heritage is a highly preferred visitor attraction, where visitors may choose from various locations such as, the rock of Aphrodite or Kato Paphos. The Paphos International Airport is also located on the skirts of the city.

Larnaca is the city that has the second International Airport of Cyprus and the industrial port. Known for its beaches and vibrant city spots, the city provides both historical sites as well as, cosmopolitan locations.

Limassol is a coastal city situated on the southern side and it is the largest city on the island with a population of approximately 237 000 inhabitants. Limassol is one of the most vibrant cities on the island in terms of luxury lifestyle and leisure.

With a joyous and spontaneous nightlife that attracts visitors from all over the world, it is no surprise that Limassol is known as ‘the town that never sleeps’. Dazzling cafés, buzzing restaurants and welcoming taverns can be found throughout the coast line. Trendy bars and glamorous clubs, featuring world famous DJ’s host legendary parties in addition to the array of wine and lounge bars available for a more relaxing experience.

In addition, Cyprus has been ranked as the safest small country in the world with minimal criminal acts and road accidents. This combined with the friendly locals and various landscapes guarantees a ton of fun while around.
Cyprus is the place where modern resort life and amenities such as beach clubs, seaside taverns, international restaurants and water sports fun seem as natural to the island as its more traditional pursuits.

Limassol Marina

The Limassol Marina has truthfully become the pride of the city, as the project completion revealed a modern cosmopolitan location that bubbles with visitors daily and provides a unique yachting experience and not only. The Limassol Marina will welcome you with lavish atmosphere that provides numerous opportunities for good food, music along with residential properties.


The largest and first fully integrated casino will open in the Limassol, as well as a theme park adjacent. The fully operational casino will have 136 gaming tables, 1200 machine slots and a luxury hotel. The opening of the Limassol casino is expected to take place in 2019/2020.


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