Real estates in Gangnam South Korea

Commercial buildings in Gangnam


  • Commercial real estate investment allows you to yield more profits than residential real estate investment. Your real estate such as land and building may later turn lucrative in case you have a lot of time to manage it depending on the area your real estate is.
  • The amount of profit you earn from your real estate helps in determining the value of the commercial real estate investment. 
  • The commercial real estate investment gives room for a more professional relationship to exist between the owner and tenants. This is because you are renting out your real estate to those tenants that want to use them for business. If you are planning to invest in buildings in Gangnam, South Korea, Please contact this guy 강남빌딩매매.


  • Commercial real estate investment makes it compulsory for you to call in the attention of professionals so as to help you to keep your property up to standards and to also help you to manage and settle any issues that are likely to occur between tenants and the public. 
  • Commercial real estate investments can also take much of your time because you are likely to focus on multiple leases and more potential issues than to just focus on few tenants.

3.    Raw Land 

Raw land real estate investment is real estate that has no improvements such as buildings, paths, and crops. This particular real estate is very cheap because it has not been developed or improved. An example of this type of real estate is land. Raw land real estate investment may likely turn lucrative over time and may even be leased out to farmers for agricultural purposes.  

Building in Gangnam area


  • Raw land real estate investment can be easily acquired because it is too cheap. 
  • The maintenance of raw material is very cheap.
  • This type of investment allows you to make your decision of either to buy the real estate and keep for a certain period, or to lease it out or even erect a building on it.


  • Raw land real estate investment cannot give you room to earn a lot of profit instantly. This is because you will have to wait for it so as to turn lucrative.
  • The local township may not approve what you have decided to build or develop on the land if it is residentially or commercially zoned. 

4.    REITs

Real estate trust investments (REITs) are companies or firms capable of protecting and overseeing a different kinds of real estate investments. This kind of investment does not make it mandatory for you to have your real estate. You can decide to invest in a REIT so as to earn profit from all the real estate that the company is managing.



  • This kind of investment does not make it mandatory for you to own or manage your own real estate before you can earn profits from it.
  • This investment give you the opportunity to decide if you are to make continuous profits or small profit depending on the type of REIT you try to invest in.


  • REIT’s as one of the types of real estate investment can only allow you to quickly earn a lot of profit. This is because they are long-term investments capable of earning you many profits over time
  • In this kind of investment, you will only be allowed to have little control over your investments. This is due to the fact that you are not owning or managing any of the real estate by yourself.